About Rajashree

Rajashree SMM School hold its head high among the pristine surroundings of East Kadungalloor. It has spread its wings over 3 acres of lush greenery. The school curriculum includes activities aiming at the holistic development of the students. Value based education is given top priority. The physical and mental well being of the students are taken care of through various games and physical training. The target is noble - each student who passes out should be resourceful, compassionate and an asset to our society. All the important days and religious festivals are celebrated at Rajashree to instill secularism in students. The universal good inherent in all religions are introduced to the young minds so that they are moulded into tolerant and responsible citizens. We at Rajashree fully believe that every child is talented in one way or the other. Our objective is to identify the latent potential in the children, encouraging them to develop it to the maximum to achieve an all round personality. For this purpose we have formed the following CLUBS and SUPW. Science : Here we simplify the abstract subject of Science through experiments and observations. Nature and Energy Conservation : The most talked about subject in the world today is environment and ecology. This club has been formed to develop awareness in the children to maintain the balance of nature. Social Service : This club helps to develop in the children the feelings of selfless service, sacrifice and the joy of sharing, caring and healthy living. Health awareness activities and classes are conducted regularly. English literary : A rendezvous of English language and literature lovers, inculcating a fondness for the language among students where they feel free to read, write, speak, think and explore. Etiquette and Values : The club focuses on strengthening the confidence and esteem of its members, thus enhancing their overall personality by acquainting them with morals and refined social behaviour. Music : A space for students to explore their musical interests and experiment with different styles and genres of music. This can help them develop their creativity and express themselves through music. Sports : Aims to enhance physical health and teach life skills like teamwork, leadership, patience and self confidence. Dance : Fosters artistic expression and creativity in addition to building a good posture. Art and Craft : Art provides students with a creative outlet that can improve their problem solving skills. They learn to think outside the box and explore topics in an unconventional way. Cookery : Cooking encourages children to explore a variety of food to experiment with the properties of science, use of language and to share knowledge of foods all while creating good things to eat.

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