Club Activities

The Club Activities


The clubs promote the innate skills, aid in mastering team spirit and enhancing leadership qualities among the students.

Name of the Club Objectives

1. Nature Club - To identify with nature and to spread awareness to preserve the planet for future generations.

2. Science Club - To satisfy the scientific temper through innovative experiments and productive discussions/debates

3. Dance & Drama Club - To sharpen the aesthetic skills and to expertise in stage performances

4. Social Service Club - To arouse the philanthropists in the students by showing them the path of benevolence.

5. Cookery Club - To create a passion for cooking and to know more about healthy food habits.


Each club organizes workshops which are conducted by eminent personalities from different walks of life. Visits to places / organizations related to each club are also made. Through club activities, the embers of talents are blown to full-fledged fire, which helps the students to become fruitful citizens of tomorrow.

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