School Assembly

The morning session for classes lll to Xll begins at 8.30 am with the School Assembly. For classes LKG to STD ll the session begins at 9.30am.
The School Assembly is conducted class-wise on three days: - Monday, Wednesday, Friday while on two days Tuesday and Thursday it is conducted by the students of each house.
All the students have to observe proper decorum and solemnity during the assembly. The students are given a chance to enhance their knowledge and sharpen their skills through small programmes like speech, quiz, skit, song etc.
The School Assembly is a class of its own. Three days are allotted to each class. Apart from Prayer and news reading, a ‘Thought for the day’ and theme based special programmes are presented. The House Assembly is conducted on Wednesdays, with a mass drill session monitored by P.T. teachers. Each class gets a golden opportunity to stage its prowess in the form of songs, theme dances, quizzes and skits.
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