Change in school uniform pattern from academic year 2023-24
With the view to remain contemporary and to provide a unique identity to our students, keeping the comfort, and the cost in mind, a new uniform has been designed.
Taking into consideration, that many of you might have tailored new sets of uniform in June 2022, it is not compulsory for the students of UKG, Grades II, III, IV, V, VII, VIII, IX, X and XII to wear the new uniform for the coming academic year (June 2023 – March 2024). They can continue using the present uniform. However, anyone who need new pairs of uniform may get the new uniforms too. 
It is compulsory for Playschool, LKG, Grade I, Grade VI and Grade XI students to be in the new uniform for the academic year 2023-24 from June 1st 2023 onwards.

Kindly Note:
Pants –For both boys and girls, should not be fitted nor short. Low waist or body hugging pants not allowed. 
Length of pants to be on the ankle or right below the ankle. 
Shirts – Boys: Should be long enough to be neatly tucked in. Slim fit or body hugging shirts not allowed. 
Shirts –Girls: Slim fit or body hugging shirts not allowed. Shirts will not be inserted. The length of the shirts to be below the hip. 
It is compulsory for all students from Grade I to XII to get house colour T-shirts/black track pants with school logo. Sports uniform to be worn every Wednesday and on the days when there are PT/Yoga classes. (The PT/Yoga timetable will be shared once school reopens). 
NOTE: Picture of the new uniform/sports uniform will be shared in the class WhatsApp groups by the class teachers. 
Black shoes and navy blue socks.
Black Sandals are recommended on Rainy days.
Simple black belt recommended.
New uniforms with school emblem and House color T-shirts/black track pants will be available at the following shop.  
Ambady Textiles, Lourde Centre, Subjail Road, Aluva – Ph. No. 04284 -2624558, 8891370415.
Parents who wish to get new uniforms stitched for their wards for the next academic year are requested to place their orders with Ambady Textiles in the month of April itself.
 “Any kind of alteration or addition to the school uniform will not be entertained.”      
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