School Rules

 General Rules

1. Students should reach the school latest by 8.15 am

2. Students should be in full uniform.

3. Boys should have short hair cut neatly combed. Boys should attend the school properly shaven (beard)

4. Girls should plait the hair if it is lengthy and if short should comb neatly.

5. Use of nail polish is not allowed.

6. Students should cut the nails at regular intervals.

7. Students should bring their diary every day.

8. Students should not bring expensive items to the class or exchange with friends.

9. Students should keep their books neatly covered.

10. No child is allowed to keep their text books or notebooks in the class after school as they are inevitable part of regular studies.

11. Lecture notes should be written on a regular basis as it is helpful in developing student’s concentration. It will be at times checked by Principal and Vice Principal.

12. All assignments and record works should be submitted in time.

13. Proper behavior towards the fellow students, teachers and non teaching staff is expected.

14. Unwanted movements during the breaks and in between the class hours should be avoided.

15. In uniform, every student is expected to behave well in school as well as outside the school.

16. After school, all are expected to return home without wasting time in and around the school.

17. If students are going for tuitions or any coaching outside the school it should be informed to the class teacher.

18.Mobile phones are not allowed in school. But in special cases parents can send a written letter to the class teacher and phones must be submitted in office by8.15am and collected after class at 3.00pm.

Usage of mobile phones is not allowed in the school campus. If the phones are found during school hours with the child it will be confiscated and parents will be called to collect it.

School Discipline

1. Punctuality and regularity in attendance, proper dress, submission of assignments and gentlemanly/lady-like behaviour are always insisted on. Good order should be maintained when heading for special subject rooms.
2. Leave application should be entered in the pages provided in the diary and as far as possible in advance. In case of long absence, a medical certificate will have to be produced. No student is allowed to leave the school early without proper reasons and permission from the Principal.
3. Students are forbidden from writing or scribbling on the wall or damaging school property. The parents will have to bear the expense of repairing the school property.
4. Jewellery must not be worn in school. The school is not responsible for goods lost. It is not advisable to bring valuable articles like expensive watches, fountain pens and gold ornaments to school. No magazines, toys or other articles must be brought to school without prior permission. It is desirable to label all belongings.
5. Cleanliness in person and clothes is expected of every student. The school premises should be kept neat and tidy.
6. Return of report cards, remittance of fees, bus fare etc. should be done on the dates specified.
7. Any change in the address, telephone No. etc., should be promptly intimated.
8. Every student is urged to maintain the high moral and spiritual standards set for the school by his / her manner and conduct. He / She is not supposed to use vulgar language.
9. Children should be encouraged to be polite and respect their elders.
10. Students will not be given any supplementary test or examination due to absence for any reason.
11. Students must spend their free periods reading or revising in the library.
12. Parents are requested to co-operate in the school work by taking an interest in the progress of their children and enforcing regularity, punctuality and discipline.
13. Parents and guardians are not allowed to visit students during class hours or to take their wards from school before 12.30 p.m.
14. No student will be allowed to make phone calls without prior permission from the principal.
15. The school authority reserves the rights to refuse admission to a pupil or to dismiss a student whose conduct is harmful to others. This rule, is also applicable to all those whose progress is unsatisfactory.
16. Students are expected to speak in English in the school campus as well as in the school bus.
17. Students suffering from contagious diseases will not be allowed to attend classes or appear for tests.
18. Students are not allowed to borrow or lend money or exchange articles.
19. Boys are expected to have regular haircuts and be clean shaved. Girls with long hair must make two plaits. Colouring of hair is not allowed.
20. Articles like mobile phones, music players, cameras, playing cards, undesirable magazines and books etc. should not be brought to school. If found in possession these will be confiscated.
21. Students should not enter the computer room, laboratories, library and staff rooms unless teachers/instructors are present.
22. Distribution of sweets on birth days or any other occasion will not be permitted. Instead, students may donate books to the school library.


1. Library books will be issued from Standard VI onwards.
2. Books are issued for a period of two weeks only.
3. Only one book will be issued at a time and on the appointed day for each class.
4. Books are to be returned before each examination.
5. In case a book is lost or damaged, the student must replace another book.
6. Students must maintain a diary to write the details of books taken from Library, and they have to write an appreciation of the books.


1. No apparatus or materials may be used without prior sanction from the concerned teachers.
2. Any accidents or breakage in the laboratory must be reported to the teacher in charge immediately.
3. All apparatus must be cleaned and kept in their proper places after use.
4. All materials in the laboratory must be used economically. All waste materials must be put in the waste basket.


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