Trustee Message


I am fortunate to have been part of the Rajashree family since its inception in 1995. Being in the dual role of teacher and administrator, I am proud to share a few points.

Children are adorable and precious. They are the divine gifts of God. For every one of us, childhood memories are the sweetest in our life. So what we can do as teachers for our students is to make their childhood sweetest for them. The most precious reward I find in teaching is leaving good memories.

The parent-teacher-child triangle places a crucial role in the holistic development of any child. Since these students of today are the citizens of tomorrow they need to be trained in citizenship for an efficient and productive existence in a democratic society or culture.

Home is the social institution which attempts to socialize the child. The moral ethos and the entire value system are picked up by the child and reinforced by the parents. If the child is loved, accepted and given due freedom to take decisions on his own he is most likely to develop a positive attitude towards parents and others.

The mother’s role is the most significant. She is said to be the first teacher of the child. The child shapes his personality through constant contact and interactions with her. It is true that many of the homes are indeed unable to provide an enriched and stimulating environment to the students. But nowadays parents are also becoming aware of the trends in the education of children. They like to know more about parental duties. So today, the task of the teacher is not really to guide children but also to help parents.

School functions as a stepping stone for the child to live in a democratic society. It should provide education that is creative, productive, flexible, need-based and relevant to life. The teacher helps parents in understanding child’s needs and accepting them. Along with the preparation for the examination, emphasis should be given to value formation and character building. They should focus on building ethical standards in children.

Teenage is a difficult time for the parents, the children and the teacher. They are no longer children nor are they yet adults. They feel that they must be free from parental authority and free to do as they like. Therefore, as teachers, we must educate ourselves to cope with them and then prepare to cope with their changing selves. The teacher has to be very tactful and understanding. The future generation can become more intelligent through better management of youngsters’ contact with their environment.

May God guide us in all our endeavours. Let our students meet a variety of present and future challenges.

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