Our vision is to provide a stress-free environment along with quality educational experiences that lead to successful completion of their schooling and to empower our students to meet the challenges of the


Our mission is to foster academic success through the development of critical thinking, creativity and cultural awareness in a safe learning environment.mision

Our Values

Children are taught the right values from their childhood. Our teachers ensure that the students under their care develop values like courage, love, empathy, responsibility and self-discipline through various fun-filled activities. They are encouraged to love nature.our values

Our Focus

Our focus is on encouraging our students to master a variety of skills which are useful in practical life as well as for higher thinking process.our focus

Our Pedagogical Vision

The children of today are citizens of tomorrow. So our pedagogical vision is to provide our students with an awareness of citizenship and civic life. We are making efforts to improve the teaching competency through in-service training, to teach them about themselves and to share the knowledge with the students considering their individual needs and preferences. pedagogical vision

Our Teaching-Learning Approach

Our aim is a child-centred approach rather than a subject-centred, encouraging the natural desire to learn. We try to enable every student to enhance his/her capacity for learning, confidence and motivation in the entire teaching-learning process.teaching and learning experience

Annual Goals

The main objective is education with a commitment to academic freedom for faculty and students.
An appropriate response to the increasing diversity in society is to be taken care of / considered. Healthy interpersonal interaction is essential for the progress of the system, particularly in the communication process.
•    Team building to achieve set goal objectives
•    Working in close relationship with social institutions
•    Organising literary activities and physical education activities.

Longterm Goals

•    To exhibit our school as an ideal miniature society that constitutes all its useful and important aspects
•    To maintain the interrelationship between the school and society
•    To preserve and nurture the democratic values to focus our efforts on the creation of well-integrated harmonious personalities
•    Maintain close contact with the real practical problems of the society
•    Give awareness about rights and duties through various activities, but the effort should be made to keep our students away from the social evils and corruption.
•    Maintain good rapport with all stakeholders through team participation.

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